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1. Critically discuss how the New Racial Politics and Social Policy in the Nixon years (1970's) and Reagan and Bush years (1980) affected women and people of color. Also, discuss the factors that set the stage for the New Racial Politics.

Acceptance of equality of opportunity as a principle by a majority of whites and the achievement of Black voting rights set the stage for a new politics. The republican party realized that open appeal to racism was no longer a certain so they had to change the ways of open racism; they had to distance themselves from overt racists (segregationists, white supremacists) Instead of overt racism, they used racial symbols and code words (ex: All American). In 1968, Richard Nixon won the White House. He did it in a shameful way - by dividing Americans against one another, stirring up racial prejudices and bringing out the worst in people.

They called it the "Southern Strategy," and the Republicans have been using it ever since. Nixon pioneered it, and Ronald Reagan perfected it, using phrases like "racial quotas" and "welfare queens" to convince white Americans that minorities were to blame for all of America's problems. Nixon was very good at using code words; No one played a greater role in shaping the new race-coded political strategy than Richard M. Nixon. With the South looming as an electoral prize in 1968, Nixon not only exploited the race-coded symbolism and messages but expanded their reach. He endorsed a platform that made no mention of recently enacted civil rights statutes and did not include a full section on civil rights.

"Nixon also promoted non government handling of issues." Southern delegates assured them the world would nominate strict constructionist to Supreme Court. "They ended programs for the poor and made it so that women...