"My First Computer, My First Wife". Assignment: Describe something that you do that causes a problem for somebody else.

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My First Computer, My First Wife

She packed, moved, and said good-bye. Well, at least I still have the computer! Do I have a problem spending too much time online? Sure I do. Many people spend too much time online. Some people also spend too much time reading, watching television, and working. But do they have TV addiction disorder, book addiction, and work addiction being suggested as legitimate mental disorders in the same category as schizophrenia or depression? Or as a legitimate reason to get a divorce? I think not.

What most people, who are accused of internet addiction, are really suffering from is the desire to not want to deal with other problems in their lives. Those problems may be a mental disorder like depression or anxiety, or a serious health problem or disability, or a relationship problem. It is no different from turning on the television so I will not have to talk to her, or going "out with the boys" for a few drinks so I will not have to spend time at home.

I really believed she suffered from depression or anxiety. Maybe she should have been the one spending hours on the internet. I tried to get her involved in some chat rooms so she could make some new friends. I was hoping she could spend hours rambling on with them so I would not have to listen to her all day.

It is not as if I was neglecting important things in my life because of my internet behavior. She always acted annoyed or disappointed when she observed me online. She would say, "Your behavior is disrupting your relationships with important people in your life." I would get defensive and irritable when she criticized my behavior. Then I would begin to feel guilty or...