"My First Kiss"

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A girl's first kiss, whether good or bad, is an experience she never will never be able to forget. At age twelve I had never had a serious relationship with a guy, although it seemed as though every girl my age had already kissed several guys. It really hadn't bothered me, because I really wasn't interested in any of the guys I knew at that time. Then, when it seemed as though I would never find a guy I would be interested in, I met Blake Sadler.

Blake and I first met through my cousin Amber. One night, when she was spending the night with me, she decided to call Blake. After she talked to him for a few minutes she handed me the phone. I was amazed at how comfortable I felt talking to him. He had a very outgoing personality, which made it easy to carry on a conversation with him.

A few weeks later I was able to meet him in person. He was approximately 5'10" and 135 pounds. His hair was black and his eyes were a beautiful sea green. Overall I did not find him extremely attractive, but his personality made up for it. A few weeks after we started talking though, he asked someone else out. I was disappointed at first, but his seeing this other girl brought us closer as friends.

One day after he had been seeing that girl for a few months, Blake called me and told me that they had broken up. I felt sorry for the girl, but I also felt that I finally had a chance to see where things would go between us. A couple weeks later he asked me out, and of course I said yes.

During our first month of dating he invited me to...