My First Time Away From Home

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        When I was in sixth grade, my fellow sixth graders and I were allowed by the school to go camping for about a week in the mountain area. I was so excited when my parents said I could go as long as I was careful, of coarse. At the time I was in the sixth grade and I was living in San Diego, we were going to go camping in the Julian area. As a twelve-year-old child, nothing can describe how truly happy I was to be going away from home for a week, for the first time. So with the great news, I go and get my belongings packed and ready to go.

        Sunday Morning, the day before I leave for camp, my parents ask me if I have everything I need packed. So, I go to my room and check my bags for the thousandth time. I have all the different changes of clothes, toiletries, shoes, and every other thing my mom helped me pack.

But most importantly, I didn't forget to bring my beloved Cookie Monster that I slept with, and still do. Now, with every thing packed, I can hardly contain myself from the excitement. I know I will eventually start to miss my family, pets, and my bed, but the one thing I was going to miss the most was my mother's cooking. She was/is the best cook I know. Now for the hard part, trying to fall asleep the night before I left.

        Now, after what felt like an eternity, I got out of bed. I didn't get much sleep, of coarse, but I was wide-awake nevertheless. After getting ready, I took all of my belongings and set them next to the door. After breakfast, it was off to go wait for the bus.