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Many years ago, I was a very naughty girl and always wanted to go out with friends. At that time, it was very rare to find me at home except eating and sleeping time. After school, I often went around with my friends or sometimes alone. But you know it's like a daily habit, I couldn't stand if one day I didn't go out on my bike, really. I remember there's an expression like this: "The horse's legs get used to running" and that's my situation. So, in order to satisfy my habit, I often told lies to my parents, but I know that they knew. They just didn't want to make things serious. And I also knew that if one day they couldn't keep calm anymore, what would happen to me? Would I be hit terribly? Or would I be thrown out of the house? I couldn't stop my habit as it had stayed too long in my life routine.

One day, like every other day, I came home at ten and stepped quietly toward my room (it was very late because everyone in my hometown had already gone to bed at 9 p.m.) "Well"... "Thank Goddess", I thought as entering my room. I threw the bag onto my bed and turned on the light. I suddenly realized that my father was sitting in the chair near the bed. "That's all", I was worried but still counted in mind how much money I had to have something to et if I was thrown out in the worst situation. But I tried to calm down. "Well... father, my teacher asked us to do so many exercises and..."

"I have just returned from your class," my father replied.

"Well... sorry father, but I lent Huong my watch last week and my...