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Oct.08.01 All Broke Up By Stupidity         Have you ever broken a body part because of your own stupidity? Well that is exactly what had happened to me playing my favorite sport; soccer.

It all happened in October of "˜96' I was in 6th grade. I was at my church meeting and me and a few other people had been playing soccer and I really didn't want to play but they wanted me to so I thought I should do it just to make them shut up. Then, I went to get in the field and I chased the ball and my friend went to pass it to me when all of a sudden; Bam! I kicked the ball, well not really I went to kick the ball but really kick some guys shin pad; which was metal platted. I limped over to the picnic table to sit down because it hurt so bad and after a while my foot felt num.

Next my sister Celeste wanted to burry me in the sand so I went over so she could and when she buried my body in sand she took a cup and hit it against my pinky toe and that hurt really bad!         After a while, my mom finally came to pick me up and I limped over and told her my foot hurts really bad so she dropped my sister off at home and ran me over to the emergency room and they had taken an x-ray of my foot and so after waiting for the x-rays to turn out the doctor I was with didn't tell me what was wrong he just put my cast on that was from my toe all the way up to my knee!         Then he finally told me that I had fractured my pinky toe in three spots and it was almost a break. I finally got my crutches that the doctor gave me and went home to go to bed at around 2:00am and couldn't fall asleep because my toe hurt so badly.

        The next morning I woke up and had to go to school and so of course I did but I didn't want to because my toe hurt and I felt really sick because the lack of sleep.

But my dad said he would give me a ride so I went. I went into class and my teacher and classmates looked at me and giggled and were a little worried. I told everyone who was interested the whole story and then got back to my class work.

        The week of living in a cast was very difficult so my mom took me back to the doctors and they said that they could take the cast off and give me a boot.

I was very happy to hear that it was more comfortable than the cast and I didn't have to use my crutches. Finally, three weeks of wearing my boot I was finally able to take the boot off and live a regular life again.

        One in a half months of wearing a cast and a boot was terrible and I don't think I will ever wear sandals playing a sport again. I learned a very valuable lesson that I will always remember.