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A friend is one of life's greatest gifts. In good times and bad times, a friend remains reassuring and faithful to the end. A friend lends a hand without being asked, encourages growth, and supports change. Time and distance can not diminish friendship. It is forever. My particular friend fits all of these characteristics and many more. She is a true friend under any circumstance.

        For many years my friend has been there for me. Her actions prove to me how much she really cares for other people. She was always willing to lend a hand, especially when it came to any type of homework or studying. For example, one night as I was studying for a history final, she voluntarily came over to help me study even though she was not in that particular class. Her effort to make her friend succeed was evident through her caring actions. One of her goals was to help others accomplish their goals and she was very persistent in doing so.

        Encouragement of my Christian growth was always a concern on her mind and in her heart. Not only did she want to see herself grow in Christ, but her piers also. During the summers, she would come over to my house every other day to do devotions together during lunch. She was always there to encourage me in the Lord as I with her. Mutually, we were growing together in Christ along with strengthening our friendship.         Numerous years were spent together as the best of friends. Nothing that we could think of could tear us apart, but one day it hit. Her father got a job offer, which he accepted, in a far away city. Days later she moved away, but the distance did nothing to our friendship. Both accepting the change,