My Friend Brandon

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This incident is similar to when the Prince of the town gave a death sentence for the next family to disturbed the peace/streets of Verona.

As memory serves, it was two years ago….when my friend (Brandon) and l were at the mall, just hanging out as usual on a Saturday afternoon. When this group of guys come up to us and start making fun of Brandon because, of an embarrassing moment he had at school on Friday. The humiliating thing that he did, was actually pretty funny if l do say so my self. What Brandon did on Friday after school, was that he was waiting with me so his mom can give him a ride home. Then he saw a car that looked like hers so he went over and just when he was about to open the door the car speeds off and he’s running after it for about some seconds when he realize it is not his mom's car! Everyone was laughing at him! I tried not to laugh but it was too funny.

Moreover, one of the boys started to make fun of Brandon, and for a while Brandon and I ignored him, until they started to make fun of his mom. That was when he lost his temper and started to make fun of the boy (John) and his friends. Eventually after a while the argument escaladed, until the point where they started to get physical. Every one around us started looking, and John and Brandon kept going at it until John threw a punch to Brandon’s face and a fight broke out, l attempted to stop them, but John’s friends held me back and l couldn’t stop them from fighting, until l pushed them away and grabbed Brandon’s arm and shoved John away (This...