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I'm going to tell you a story about two friends. One being Max and the other Mary. The two were best of friends and virtually inseparable.

Wherever Max went he always brought Mary, whether it was a party, school, church, work, or family event. Max loved her company so much that at times he delayed planned events for hours waiting for her. Here it is from the beginning.

        Max " knew of " Mary for years before they met. You see Mary was also good friends with a few of Max's other friends, and Max saw Mary at social events years before their first introduction. They met at a party the summer before Max's sophomore year in high school. Max and her hit it off from hello, guess you could say friendship at first sight.

        "Mary from this moment on we will be best friends," Max promised.

        Mary replied, "Whatever you want."         Max could let know one know he spends so much time with Mary.

He couldn't understand why but for some reason she was seen as unacceptable by society, but he didn't care. So he lied, he lied to everyone he knew, making up stories saying he was with someone else doing something else. But his lies weren't believed for long, he tried to play everyone for dummies and they saw right through it. He spent time with her anyway and continued his lies.

        Max kept his promise to her through thick and thin. No matter what Max had to go through he felt more secure knowing that Mary will be there.

Even through the roughest when Max and Mary were in trouble with the law. Max didn't care, Mary will help me pull through he thought. Over the years Max found himself in trouble with his parents, his school administrators, friends, and neighbors. But he didn't care because his relationship with her was much stronger than any other relationship, no matter who it was with.

        The long-term effects were the worst for him. Somehow Max could not see how Mary was affecting his life past the present problems. If he'd known the worst was still to come they might have broke their friendship sooner. Since that summer when they met, Max met new friends who weren't like his old ones, his grades dropped, his relationships with family, teachers, and his true friends were scarred for life.

        One day Max and Mary were together and Max was reminiscing with at their good times together. He had a smile about while thinking how she made him feel. But he didn't seem to feel warm and happy like he does when he thinks of his life before they became a team. Why he wondered? Then it hit him, it hit him like a ton of bricks.

        "Mary I understand now. All the times we've spent together you hurt me in ways I cannot repair. The fun was the wool you used to hide me from truth of my screw ups." Max explained.

        "But you seemed happy," she replied.

        "Well yea, but you have corrupted me into a outcast, expelled by everyone in my past." Max realized as the words just flew out with no thought in what was said. "I have turned my back on everyone I cared for, all my true friends and family, I ditched them all for you. I cannot believe I didn't see that the hours of fun would bring me years of pain, until now." Max felt relieved with his self revelation.

        "The start of our friendship, the tenure, the trouble you got in with your family, the government, and school officials, was all your fault. You see it was your decision to bring me to school, and to your home, and in your car, I had no say in what we did." Mary explained to Max.