My Friend, a Thief!

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Thieves, how I hate them so much! Just yesterday I had been a thief's victim. He stole one of the most valuable things I've ever owned, a Rolex watch. I soon found it was my best friend who committed the crime. I thought of many solutions to resolve the theft of my expensive watch. Some solutions I kept in my brain are to threaten or negotiate with him about how bad stealing is, tell the higher authorities on him, and also I considered the fact that completely ignoring the situation would also help.

First is the option of threatening or talking to my best friend of how larceny is a very bad concept. This would be quite difficult because I would have to meet directly with him and have a "cheesy" little chat of how to be moral and ethical. I would be acting as though a parent telling the child what is right and what is wrong.

By doing so he might abide by my chat of what not to do or he might just ignore it and get on with life stealing a whole bunch of other things. If things do not work as planned, I would inform him that if he won't listen to me then I would report this to the teacher. Moreover this is not a reliable option and might even break my friendship with him, but it has a fifty-fifty chance of being successful.

Second is the solution of telling the higher authorities like my teacher or parents on him. By doing so handling the situation will not only be my responsibility but others' as well. Thus the more brains working to solve the issue the better. Also higher authorities such as teachers and parents have more experience and power over the convict than...