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I plan to obtain an Associate Degree as a Respiratory Care Practicioner then hope to move on to becoming a Respiratory Technician. I want to treat patients ranging from premature babies whose lungs are not fully developed to elderly people whose lungs are diseased. It just seems to be my destiny to provide relief to patients with chronic asthma ot emphysema, as well as emergency care to patients who are victims of heart attack, stroke, drowning or shock. There are many people in my family who have upper respiratory problems,and it is sad to see them struggling for their life. I live for helping others and if I can save one baby's life, a middle-aged adult, or an elderly person who may think there is no hope, then I have made a difference. I cannot explain in words how they would feel because I, myself, do not know, but I will at least know they made it through another day in their life to change it in some aspect.

I know I cannot help everyone, but that one person who does live through the disease has helped me become that much stronger in order to move on to the next person in need.