My future goals as a University Student

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Personal Goals that I wish to Attain as a University Student

Antoinette Sachetta

Outline: Personal Goals that I wish to attain as a University Student

I)Meaning of the word goal

a)All Students have Goals

b)Overachieving and Goals

II) Why I have set goals to achieve

a)Wants and needs

b)Personal satisfaction

III)The Goals I have set for myself


b)Getting through the first course

c)Learning to use critical thinking

d)Learning to work as a team

e)Completing assignments in a timely and correct manner

f)Getting my Bachelors Degree


a) The final goal I wish to achieve

I am an overachiever and have many goals that I want to attain

A student has goals in his or her own right. Before going any further, let us look at the meaning of the word goal; the meaning of the word Goal in Webster's Dictionary is "the end toward which effort is directed." Ultimately, goals cannot be achieved unless some effort is exerted.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary 26 Feb. 2004

Goals are easily attainable if you put forth the effort. That is the hardest part, effort. For me, one of my personal goals is to get through this course with flying colors, that may be unattainable, but I am an overachiever, and I am not happy with plain old satisfactory. I want to learn, I am eager, I want a better life, a better paying job, a bigger house, a nicer car, but let us not forget that these are the end-results of effort.

The first goal that I need to work on is patience to be able to read every part of a course's syllabus. In that fashion, I know exactly what to expect. In that respect, I do the assignments correctly and on time. I am an inpatient person, I want things now,