My Future Quest toward Being an Educator

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My Name is Eric Williams and I am a 20 year student from Jacksonville Florida, who attends Florida A&M University. I mainly want to become a teacher because I want to be a positive role model in the black community, and I also enjoy communicating and interacting with other people such as the students that I will come in contact with. There are many factors that contributed toward me wanting to become a teacher including other teachers. The teacher who mostly contributed toward me wanting to become one was a lady named Ms. Shank, although I would have never said that while I was in school. Another teacher was one of my teachers in high school was a named Mrs. Burdon and her named fit her because it you had her class you had a burden on your hands.

        I choose education as my major for many reasons, I want to be that one teacher that everyone looks back and says "He/She had a big impact on my life" or "If it wasn't for that teacher I would've never went to college and succeeded in life".

I also think that I will enjoy interaction with the children and/or young adults. But my overall goal is to become a principle of a public high school preferably located in the inner city.

        Not necessarily favorite teacher in high school, but the teacher who really prepared me for college was an English teacher named Ms. Shank. She always had us reading and writing essays on book and random topics. She was different though she would let use pick book that we were actually interested in instead of picking book that student had no interest in, therefore causing most of the students to cease reading before the halfway point of the book assigned.