My game plan for success in JROTC this year

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I am finaly a LET 3. Witch means this year in JROTC is going to be awesome. I have a lot more reasonability with the LET 1’s. This year I am Charlie company’s CPO. I am also the color guard xo. So my game plane for success in JROTC this year is just to have fun and get though my senior year so I can graduate.

        Being a LET 3 has it advantages. One I am an upper class man. Also I know more about what is going on and what is expected of me in JROTC. I can help out more with the let ones in teaching them what is going on and what is expected of them. That way they know what is going on before something comes up. Example inspections and stuff like that.

        Charlie company is the best darn company there’s ever been. This year we have 3 CPOs and I am one of them.

Besides me there is TJ Hinson and Jeff Terugon. I am not sure about Terugon but I know that me and Hinson knows what is going on and knows how to get the job done.

        This year I graduate and when I do I thank the thing I am going to miss about high is going to be JROTC. Some of my best times in high school has happen in JROTC. Also some of my worst. I have meat some amazing people and I am glad that I decided to take JROTC.