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I have always loved robots since I was a little boy. I remember back in the days of "Transformers" and "Voltron". I used to wait impatiently for those shows to come on. Then when the show finally starts I was glued to the TV like gum stuck in ones hair. No one could pry me away from my precious robot shows! As the years passes my body grew and my intellect grew too. A lot of things I cherished in my childhood fated. Things like playing handball, making cities with my Legos, drawing battles that were fought with stick figures and riding my bicycle. Now I cherish things that are more complex like my relationship with friends, my computer, my car, and classical music. But one thing that I love now and in my childhood is my love for robots. I don't know why, but they never cease to spark my imagination with their complicated components and their power to do things regular humans can't.

What will it will be like to be strapped to a five story giant robot of unbelievable firepower? There is this one popular anime series called Gundam. It is about these seven giant robots piloted by seven kids that fight for freedom and injustice. I have collected two of the seven robots. I will be describing my favorite model of the two, Wing Zero. Every time I look at my Wing Zero Model my imagination flows with what technology would bring people in the future.

Wing Zero is piloted by the leader of the seven children his name is Atowa. Atowa is a small-framed child in his early teens. He has brown hair that combed to one side and sticks out like the bill of a baseball cap. He usually wears a black tank top...