My Goal in Life

Essay by karty18A+, May 2004

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        Every human being wants success. Everybody wants the best that life can offer. But only a few understand that there is a price to be paid for whatever we desire in life. In a changing world, victory awaits only those who pursue their goals with diligence.

        There are lots of things to do but all have one common requirement, which is basic education,self discipline,faith in oneself and financial support. These are not easy to achieve but they are less difficult when we have disciplined ourselves.

        In my high school days,my parents made me understand the importance of sound education. My goal then was to achieve it. My desire for higher education grew by leaps and bounds. A good general education is the foundation on which to build one's career.

        My first goal is to acquire a profession of my choice. This profession will help me to be useful not only to myself but to the general public.

I have chosen ENGINEERING because of the innate desire in me to be omniscient of a comprehensive functionality of machines. I wonder how much we can achieve in this world without machines. The growth and developement of the world depends a great deal on technolgy and machines. I yearn to exceed the knowledge and understanding required to become a chartered engineer, to develop learning skills, concepts and experience. My inquisitive nature made me suffer paucity of toys when I was a lad because I tried to open them up yearning to understand what made them do things they did. To my level of perception as a kid, I was able to acknowledge some of the enigma and practiced them by trying to make similar toys.

        Specifically, I chosen Mechanical Engineering because it is versatile and it has a lot of utility in almost...