My Goal in Life

Essay by aznXsa2587 June 2004

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A person must be intent on achieving to have his/her deeds classified as achievements. Therefore I had an intention to achieve my goal, which was my first voluntary job in the medical office, named Janlian Medical Group. How does this intention came to my thought? It was an event happens two years ago during a summer's morning. While I was doing daily exercise at the morning, a harsh car's accident had occurred on my local street. I rapidly ran over to examine the situation. I could see suffrage upon the victim facial expression. Within a short amount of time after the accident occurred, the melody of the siren had brought me to their attention. I moved aside; therefore firefighter, nurse, and police could get to work. I stood still watching the action that they were performing. During that time, I felt that I was helpless and hope that I could help the suffering victim.

This event had inspired me the intention to achieve my goal. My first voluntary job had provided me with both curiosity and pressure. Both of this reaction upon my first voluntary job had caused me to achieve an outstanding goal and progress.

        Most people might think that curiosity was a type of desire to know or learn certain types of things or activity. However, curiosity could also stands for an "object" that arouses interest upon a human mentally. Be a doctor and work in the hospital had always been my first extraordinary goal and intention upon my life. Both of these intentional goals had provided me with interest and curiosity on my first voluntary job. Sometimes when I met some medical equipment or unclear data that I can't conceive, I would simply ask someone. Or sometimes I might also do some private research upon the subject.