My Golden Girl - write a short story which develops a strong character.

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The four of us are sitting around Brandon’s tiny tiny apartment sharing a bottle of cheap wine and talking crap. Adam’s has just served his short jail sentence for drink driving again so we’re celebrating by having a few drinks, hopefully Adams not planning on driving home tonight. He doesn’t look much different. His greasy brown hair is now long enough to put back in a pony tail and he’s got a safety pin through his left ear. Sitting next to him is Brandon who owns this tiny tiny apartment with dishes stacked up to the ceiling and dirty clothes thrown across the floor. His doesn’t like to talk about it but we all know his mum threw him out for smoking pot. Brandon used to be pretty smart but that was before he started on the dope. Now he doesn’t do much. Then there’s Joel with his green Mohawk, and tattoo covered arms.

You probably wouldn’t guess it by looking at him but Joel’s a pretty devoted Christian and I respect that. And finally there’s me. I’m pretty “normal looking” compared to the others, I don’t have any tatts or piercings and I sit around playing my guitar mostly.

“Dude, let’s start a band,” says Brandon with enthusiasm.

I roll my eyes“You can’t be serious,” I say “We can’t play anything dumbass,” adds Adam.

Brandon seems unaffected by our lack of enthusiasm.

“I know how to play the drums and Jason knows how to play guitar, Joel can sing and you can play the tambourine or something” he says.

A few months later I find myself on stage at a sleazy down town pub. It’s our bands first gig. I don’t know how they talked me into this. It’s a good way to meet chicks, Brandon had pointed out.