My Grand Ma

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        I have always enjoyed hearing memories of my Grandmother's past, but she never talked about her first husband. When ever I would ask, it was always the same answer, "When your older." When I was eighteen, I slowly walked into her room and sat on the edge of the bed.

        "Grandma, am I old enough now?" I asked. I could see the pain in her eyes and got up to leave.

        "Laura sit back down."grandma spoke sternly. "I was only seventeen when I was married, but quite ready." "Karl, my husband, was perfect in every way. We moved into an estate on our own private island off the coast off of Mary Land, how could we afford this you might wonder?, Karl inherited an oil refinery after his father passed on. Everything was the way I wanted it to be until Christmas day, 1951. That's when every thing changed.                         "Anne, I've bought you a present.

I picked it up yesterday on my way home from work..........go on open it !" Karl hastily spoke.

        "Karl, I hope you didn't spend a fortune on some useless piece of jewelry......Oh Karl .....I love it!"         Karl had given me a small charm, strung on a gold chain. It was a crystal dove, with sapphire eyes.

        Karl continued "For luck and lasting life. And I promise I didn't spend a fortune. Actually I got it quite cheap from the widow Jane Henry. Poor thing said it was cursed. I'm late for work I'll see you tonight."         "But it's Christmas!" Anne practically cried         "You know I have to work. I'll see you tonight."                 I had just put the ham in the oven when I heard the shattering of glass in the bedroom. As I walked into the room, I saw my full length...