My Greatest Failure

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McCulloch 1

William A. McCulloch

Professor Mejia

English 1301

June 11, 2014

My Greatest Failure

This is hard. A few years back I knew a young lady. Michelle was her name. We were not involved

romantically, but we were in a relationship. Neither of us had many friends, she because she was rather

abrasive; me because I have always been a loner. We met one evening at a Crown's Book Store where

we struck up a conversation about Terry Goodkind's "Sword of Truth" series. I found her to be an

extremely adept conversationalist! We walked the aisles comparing anecdotes about various books and

authors until the store closed. Then we sat on the tailgate of my truck, where we drank a six-pack of

Moosehead Beer and talked until midnight. Personally, this was strange for me, it is rare that I open up

to someone so easily. From that night on we talked almost daily, either by phone or we would meet in

Memorial Park.

We would spend hours walking and talking about any subject that would capture our

attention: music, food, books, movies, and people.

People seemed to always let her down. We both shared the belief that it wasn't our place to judge or

condemn others. Accept others, "warts and all" was a saying that we both seemed to believe in. I

knew that Michelle was prone to periods of depression. When she was feeling low, she would call and

we would spend hours on the phone. I guess that it was a sort of therapy for her, but I just enjoyed her

quirky irreverence. Life happens, I became involved in a relationship and for a couple of weeks I

avoided taking several calls from her. I didn't even take the time to listen to her messages. One evening...