My Greatest Obstacle.

Essay by Pacojaleb October 2005

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The greatest obstacle I have ever had was the loss of my first child. The fact I had her when I was only sixteen was an obstacle in it self but her death shook the foundation of my very being. I was military brat and came for a rather hard and rocky childhood. My father in the Air force led us to country all around the world. Though my father and mother's marriage was only held together by my brother, sister and I, this made for a very unhappy home to grow up in. When we moved to Japan though I was fourteen as most fourteen year olds I made my mistakes and often they were huge mistakes as well. When I was fifteen one of my mistakes took me down a road I could not turn around on and correct at least not in good conscience. At fifteen I was pregnant and in denial and felt so isolated and alone.

The next few months found to be what I thought would be the hardest in my life. Finally when I could hide my pregnancy any longer I told my mom and than the father and finally told my father. I have to say my mother took it with stride, the father just denied it and well my father still does not talk to me. Though a friend I had made it all bearable he told me not to worry that things had a way of working out one way or another. That night I did not understand it and it took me years to realize what he truly meant. I still led a teenage life hung out with my friends at least the ones that are parents let hang out with me. I went school, was student body president...