"My Hangout" Fallon Tipton......about skatepark and fall off the board...descriptive

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You can hear the sound of the the boards landing on the ground. You can hear the guys there cussing because they are gettin mad at there board. You can hear the sound of someones sound system in their car so they have music to listen too.

You get there and you see the regulars there, maybe some newcomers. You see the guys sitting on tables smoking cigarettes. You see the guys out skating doing their tricks. You see the guys "pogo" themselves and get hurt. You may even see someone break a bone or two. Out side of the fence you see guys taking a break and playing basketball.

It starts to get cloudy. Then the rains comes. The guys grab their boards and hide under a ramp or to the shelter and wait there until it stops. They close the park. People stay under the shelter just for fun.

Some people go home. But in the end it was a good time. Then comes tomorrow.

You come tomorrow. You're the only one there. You're board. So you decide to skate by yourself. You're the only girl who tries. You hope no body will see you if you mess up. You try going down the quarter pipe. You make it all the way down and then you fall. Someone comes in as soon as you fall. They laugh. You laugh. You can barely walk though. Your knee is swolen. It's black and blue already. You dont go home right away and play it off. People yell at you to go put ice on it but you say you'll be fine. After a month from the fall your knee is still screwed up. Maybe you should have went home right away. Oh well...to late now. Your knee will be screwed...