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Roger Epstein: An Unrecognized Hero                 My hero isn't very different from any other person in the eyes of many, but to me he is very different. My hero is an ideal candidate for inclusion in Tom Brokaw's new book, The Millennium Generation, which gives reconition to our everyday heroes. I feel that he is a wonderful example of an everyday hero. He is not on the cover of newspapers or on television, but he has qualities that no other person has. Some say he is faithful. Others say he's a hard worker. All in all, he has the greatest impact on my life. He is my father and hero, Mr. Roger Epstein. Furthermore, that is why I am recommending him for Mr. Brokaw's new book.

Roger Epstein for years worked as a car salesman. As time went on he had a family, and therefore he relized, this occupation no longer was going to be sufficient.

So after hours of hard work he would come home and learn a new occupation. Soon he learned to pinstripe cars. Finally, in 1991 he took a very big risk and started his own business. Roger was aware that this was going to mean he would have to work extra hard each day. He didn't mind doing this because he knew it was for the good of the people he loved. After coming home from a hard day at work each day, he would never complain and do willingly many things at home. He would help with the family's daily chores and help my mom raise my sister who was 5, my newborn brother, and me who was 6. As time went on and we grew older, his business became easier, but his hard work didn't end there. He then decided to become a...