Where is My Home?

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Where is My Home?

People usually said that home is everything for them. But when I asked what the word home means to them, they cannot answer or simply say, "Home is the place where I live and where I was born." What does this word mean to me?

Isn't it hard question? My home is the place where live my family, place where I spend most part of my life. Home is my country, the Earth. Meaning of this word depends on situation when I'm speaking about it. When I'm with my friends and going home, it means that home is a house where I live. When I was a guest in other country home was my native country. When astronaut is in open space home for him means the Earth. Anna Quindlen said that home is everything (118).

May be home is everything when person doesn't have house or special place to live.

As for my home is a place where I was born and where I spend my life. Everything here is familiar to me. My friends live here.

There is one old cliché "Home is where the heart is" (Quindlen 118). What did Quindlen mean by saying this cliché? I think that she tried to explain that it is something what person love with all heart. Place, which is much means to your heart. I agree with this point of view because I have such place. I' m in love with my native town Klaipeda. But I also love my parents' native country Ukraine. That is why I think that in our world can be more that one place where the heart is.

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