My Ideal Humanities class.

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Ideal Humanities Class

The Humanities course is where both History and English combined is taught. Some teacher's have a certain way of teaching, while students have several different ways of learning. What a teacher teaches is usually necessary for situations later in life. Whether or not that child learned what was needed in the future can affect that child's decision when that situation is encountered. What and/or how a child learns can be influenced by the environment and the methods in which a child is taught. In this paper I will compromise these different methods.

No classroom can be complete without a suggestion box. Contributing ideas is what makes someone feel as if they have some degree of control. Everyone should write their best method of learning things and place them in the suggestion box. Some methods are similar and can be combined. Groups will be combined by similar methods, and then one person from each group will sit at a table and make a new group.

Each group will be a mixture of students with different learning methods. Every method should be touched upon in different lesson. The person who's best at whatever method is being used can help the rest of the group understand from his or her point of view.

Every student needs to get away from basing what they learn on one method, because that one method of teaching may not be used. Every method of learning should be learned. Creativity can be used in just about every method. So why not use creativity to teach different methods of learning. One method that can be taught through creativity is 'Group Participation.' For example; we are learning parts of speech and complete sentences. Everyone in the group is given a word or punctuation and as a group...