My Immigrant Experience

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Naheed Fateema U.S. History Honors Period 2 February 26, 2014

My Immigrant Experience

The United States of America is consisted of people from many different cultural backgrounds. Immigrants had started to pour in during the 1900s and still continue to do so today. My family is from Bangladesh, to be more specific we are from Sylhet, Bangladesh. My family had been here quite early, during the popularity of immigrants coming to the U.S. My grandparents would come to visit the United States occasionally. Most of my mom's side lives in the U.S.A. while most of my dad's side settled in England. From what I remember as a little girl, Bangladesh is a country full of green. The Bangladesh flag has two colors, red and green. The green represents the grassland while the red represents the sun. I have to admit to see Bangladesh's villages, plants, the lakes is beautiful. There is nothing like it.

I miss it at times especially living in New York. I still have a few family members in Bangladesh. However, most of my family is either here or in England. My family came to the U.S.A. for the same reasons most other immigrants came. They came for better jobs, better sanitary and much more. The main reason they came is for education. The adults want their kids to have the best education. My family always mentions that. They always say how much hard work and sacrifice they had to do just for us kids. In Bangladesh, we would not get the same education we get here. My family came to New York because they view New York as the land of opportunities. They see New York as a place where many cultures exist. If we were to go to another state where many different cultures did...