My Interest in an MSU Education and How I Intend to Use it to Make a Difference in Society

Essay by manyman November 2006

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Education is required for every one, and me being especially a young Nigerian man I am eager for knowledge, therefore i depend heavily on the educational sector to provide me with good education, unfortunately only substandard education is available. The learning environment is not conducive; there are no sufficient chair, tables, laboratories, and schools. The lecturers are underpaid making them debauched and obsolete, on the other hand the educational sector in America is next to perfect and that is what I am seeking for, so I look for any possible means to get the best education through studying in Michigan State University (MSU).

For nearly 150 years, Michigan State University has been transforming lives through high-impact, innovative teaching, research, and outreach initiatives. Today, as it continues to help students become responsible, knowledgeable, productive citizens, MSU is a major public university with global reach and extraordinary impact

MSU is ranked among the top 50 public national universities by U.S.

News and World Report, which ranks nine of the university's graduate programs in the nation's top 25 of their field. The magazine also ranks MSU among its top 50 "Best Values: Great Schools at Great Prices

Over the years, MSU has transformed a lot of lives through their excellence in teaching, research. These merits have made MSU to be ranked among top 50 public national universities by U.S News and World report. The magazine also ranks MSU among its top 50 "Best Values: Great Schools at Great Prices. MSU is well recognized globally and prior to my application I have read about their achievement in the international community for its work in many areas, including human and animal health, international trade, sustainable agriculture, welfare, and the environment. Its beautiful academic setting which provides a conducive and peaceful environment for learning also attracted...