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2008.9.20Today was a Saturday, a day in which I hope to see my parents and friends after a tiring week at university. However, when I wake up this morning, I saw my dad leave the house hastily. It was another plain Saturday, in which my dad has to travel to Shanghai to meet his concubine. It’s funny how we all know about it but we don’t do anything to stop him, probably because most of us are usually fairly busy. I stared at the clock and it was already 10:30, I got up, took a shower before I left my apartment and met up with my high school friends at times square under the big screen. It was a farewell gathering before they all would leave to other countries for university education. We had lunch at a decent restaurant, and stayed there till late 8.00, chatting about everything including past times and experiences, gossips, worries about adapting to new environment etc.

At the end, everybody was weeping because it was hard to leave your closest friends and travel to another part of the world where you don’t know anyone yet.

2008.9.21Today was a Sunday, a day of peace and tranquility. I spent half the time resting at home before working on some English homework I was set. In the afternoon, I met up with a friend studying a doctor’s degree in Hong Kong University for lunch. She told me she had lots of reading to do and it was really different compared secondary school because of the huge lectures and it took a while to adapt. After lunch, I went to Victoria Park and played soccer till dinner. After dinner, my dad returned and as always we had an argument where he kept complaining that I never worked on my...