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        When you think of a person that you admire, you usually picture someone whom is responsible and loving. These characteristics fit perfectly to describe my dad. My dad is a wonderful man whom commits his entire life to devote his love to support his family, go to work, and still remain a great dad.

        From electrical, water, phone bills to school tuition, you name it,… guess who pays for it? With a large family of eight that consist of six kids, my dad is the only one that works. Not because the rest of the family is lazy, but because my dad believes that we should have a stress-free childhood, and worry about work later on down in life. Therefore, off to work is where he goes practically everyday of his life, with some exceptional days. His hard-work and devotion to our family makes my heart melt. Through the cold, rainy winters to the hot, gleaming sun, he works through all sorts of weather.

        Eleven hours a day, six days a week, my dad spends this large amount of time at work. At the crack of dawn, my dad crawls out of bed and gets ready to go to work. After doing all the necessary needs he usually do in the morning, he kisses my mom and I, and leaves for work. Arriving at work everyday a little before eight o’ clock, this is when his day officially begun. There, he works as a mechanic until seven at night when work is finally over.

Then, he gets to drive a fifteen-minute drive home.

        Despite all of the intensive, hard work, my dad still is able to come home and greet us happily with a smile. He is simply just happy to the fact that he is finally home to see...