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Essay by EggyA+, September 2004

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"I hate my parents! They are so strict, and they never seem to understand me! What am I gonna do?!" she told her friend while getting her books from her locker. I was walking down the hallway thinking of how innocent and inexperienced she was, how she had never confronted the harsh, real world face to face, how she thought her parents were "bad" just because they were too worried to let her go to late night parties! Life is not as easy as it seems; it is not only the dances, the parties, the make up, the dresses, the boys, and the friends we deal with everyday; there's so much more to it! I did not have the opportunity to enjoy a normal life like most of the teenagers have; I was never worried about getting new clothes or other trivial things that seem so important to girls my age.

Instead I was always fighting my tears back whenever my friends would say "Eggy you get to pick last since you don't have a mommy because she left you and went away!" If I were as old as I am now it would certainly not hurt me as much as it did back then, but I was only five! I always blamed myself for everything, asking myself "what did I do wrong", "what did I say that offended her?" and if it wasn't for my father, I would have never been able to realize the truth and therefore would have never been where I am now! He gave me courage throughout my life, pushed me as hard as he could so I could experience success among the other painful feelings! He has suffered as much as I have, or probably more! Sometimes I place myself in his shoes and...