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My Life

My name is Jordan McCormick. I was born in the big St. Louie in a little, under funded hospital called Denakus. I weighed in at 11 pounds. I was the first child in my family to be born by a c-section, since my brother before me had been paralyzed from a malpractice, and suffered for two years before he died.

At this time I had one older brother, named Josh. We lived with our parents in an old rundown house in St. Louis. It was hard for a while having no money to live off of except my dads low wage job. I remember spending a lot of time at my grandmas as a child. She would always let me come to casinos wit her though. Once I remember actually being on a boat casino, and I almost fell overboard cause I thought I would fly. I was a really weird child.

After a while my grandma started to become really depressed, She missed her husband, who died when I was one, and that's when I believe her memory started to falter. By this time my parents didn't think it could get any worse for our family. Their son had died, my grandma was too depressed to help us, and we didn't have enough money to support ourselves. It was about this time we finally received the money that my parents sewed the doctors for, which was suppose to come to us when my brother Joel was still alive to help us pay medical bills to help him. The settlement was 200,000$. Which to them was a lot of money. I would have gone for 2 million.

When I was 3 years old we finally moved to this little subdivision in Imperial, MO. It was what I called...