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My memoir


It was the day before my brother did his surgery, the day where our relationship widens, takes us apart.

When my parents told me about my brother's leg, a wave of shock blew right into my mind, wondering and scared about what might been happened to him. A relationship between me and him cannot be described.

It was a perfect day, it bright blue sky, the dazzling sun above my head, it was the day for my brother's surgery. The night before, i gave my blessings,wished him good luck, i walked away thinking was a "good luck" enough. He woke up in shock, nervous about the surgery tomorrow, i looked into his deep dark eyes, down the deep dark hole all I can see is fear and nervousness. I said " its only a bad dream, nothing to worry about, just relax and u be fine". He lied down resting his head onto the soft, comfy pillow, eyes staring at the ceiling "will it hurt" he asked. How do i know, i haven't done a surgery before.

I woke up sitting down on my bed, Leaned against the head of the bed, wondering will the surgery be successful, nah should wished him up. By the time i was ready for school, him and my parents have already headed for the hospital. Later then i was informed by a call from my parents, I spoke calm and firmly " ...How was the surgery? successful? did he cry? My mother then said " It was very successful, though your brother is still asleep, he was in so much pain that he kind of fainted, face white, unable to talk or move. I didn't ask a single thoughtful word about my brother.