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1. Shoot the fish in the barrel

There is always someone out there more desperate than you. If you know a girl who wants you worse than the lottery and you have kept her at bay for a long time then give her a call. Call her during the day and tell her you want to hang out that same night.

Don't tell her you are taking her out for food or drinks. Tell her you just want her to come over and "watch" a movie, of course you would rather "make" a movie. If she wanted you bad before this then all you have to do is take her for a cup of coffee in public and she will screw your brains out.

2. Old flames never die

…newer flames merely burn brighter. Nothing says good sex like good chemistry. If you have an old flame that you are still friends with that you know would "throw it down" with you then why not call them and remind both of you why you two were together in the first place.

Tell her you don't want "REKINDLE" rather but you want to "RELIVE" a date you two had. Say, "Let's live in the past for 24 hours" and then take her to where you two first had a date and then back to your place for a night cap.

3. Have a few non-dates first

I am the KING of the non-date. The non-date creates the "warm lead". Some girls are savvy and will ask me after the third one if it is a "date" or not. If we have not had sex yet and I don't think we ever will I continue to say "no it is not a date".

But if I have had a couple of "outings"...