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Essay by Dylan333 October 2014

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My Life- Dylan Gee (Academic Success Skills)

About myself

I was brought up in North London and have lived there all my life. Living in London and being 20/30 minutes away from the city means everywhere I go is very populated. I have always lived at the same area and went to primary school and secondary school in the same area so everything was close by. I have two sibling's one brother who is 15 and a sister who is 11.

My parents and the rest of my family except for two cousins and an aunty were all born and live on the other side on the world in New Zealand and Australia. I have been to New Zealand a couple times and it is always sad to say goodbye to my family since the next time I would see them is in five years or so. New Zealand is quite the opposite too London since everything is spaced out and it is more scenic whilst London is jam packed and a hectic city life.

I started playing tennis around the age of ten and loved the sport. My friends all played tennis which was the main reason for me getting involved. Progressively I played in social group sessions which then progressed to playing in tournaments all around London. From the age of 14 I played competitively and in a performance tennis squad. One of my coaches who used to go to Jacksonville state coached in London and one day he planned a trip for a group of us to go to America to play a few tennis tournaments. We travelled around Atlanta to play at an academy and also to Miami. After coming back I loved the sport more and wanted to go to America to play college tennis.