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It would seem somewhere quiet and dark would be the best and hidden murder but here is my opinion and my story. Open areas with lots of people and in the middle of the day is the best. With so many people it's too hard to tell who it was especially if they think you are someone else and look exactly like them. Hi I'm David Tustin many people say I am just an angry man which is true but knowing my full story I can only hope you will have some sympathy towards me and support my decisions so here's my story.

The dinner table long and skinny fitting my mum, dad and fiancée. My mum raises her glass and said a toast "To my son David and his beautiful fiancée Charlotte we wish you all the best in your future together and of course the little one on the way!" that night we all laughed together and told stories I only imagine what it would be like if the accident hadn't happened.

'RING RING' I guess I will finish the stories when I have some spare time.

"Hello David speaking what do you want!" "It's me Rebecca please don't hang up this time I just want to." 'BEEP BEEP' "WHY DOESN'T SHE UNDERSTAND I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO HER?" Ok then back to the story where was I oh just before the accident

a storm had just started there was one window in particular that we heard upstairs banging and banging as if it was open but mum reminded us that she locked every window before she went to Pilates. "David I'm not feeling to well I think I might have a lay down upstairs in the guest bedroom." Charlotte said, every word she seemed to get...