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Hiding the Truth         Recently there has been such uproar about the Firestone Tires that are on Ford Motor vehicles. This uproar is due to the numerous accidents that have happened as a result of tires' treads coming apart and causing a blowout of the tire. While Ford and Firestone both state that they had no knowledge of this problem before it was brought public, I believe different. The purpose of this paper is to show that not only could the overwhelming number of vehicle fatalities, due to tire blowouts, been avoided, but Ford Motor Company may very well be as much at fault as Firestone Tire Company for the rash of tragic accidents.

        Throughout the last couple of months at least 88 people have died and another 250 people have been injured in accidents occurring because of defective tires that suddenly have the tread come apart and cause a blowout.

Due to these accidents Ford and Firestone have recalled more than 6.5 million tires. It seems like it took a long time for the two companies to finally admit that there is a problem.

        This is because Ford along with Firestone, who is the supplier of tires for all Ford motor vehicles, may very well have known for years that certain models of tires had defects. The reason that I suggest this is because long before any of this was an issue in the U.S., it was an issue in South America. It was a serious enough issue that the two companies actually pulled the tires off the market. The only question is "why would Ford and Firestone think that the same tires didn't need to be pulled off the market here too?" I guess they were hoping that it was the different climate that caused the tires to blowout.