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My reason for attending Henry Ford Community College is so that I can obtain a degree in General Business and eventually become a retail manager. It has been my goal for the past few years to be accepted the Business Management program at The Ohio State University. The Business Management program at Ohio State is one of the most prestigious business programs in the country. At the same time it is rather hard to be accepted into their program.

                        The Business Management program at Ohio State is rather "deep". There are a lot of required classes that need to be taken just to be accepted into their program. The Office of Admissions at The Ohio State University recommends several things, among them is to use their "transfer module". This is when a prospective student gets their associates degree from another college, then transfers the degree to Ohio State to work on the bachelors.

After contacting an admissions counselor at Ohio State she actually recommends taking the general education classes at a community college then come to OSU. She said it not only saves time in the way of someone being able to work around their schedule but at the same time saves a lot of money.

        In a recent posting on the website they defined the word "Retail Manager". Their definition is         "Retail manager's plan and coordinate the operations of retail outlets, including small independently owned specialty shops, fast food restaurants, chain store outlets, supermarkets or department stores." Retail mangers come in all different forms as according to the Job Guide. Some have more responsibilities than others, as posted on there website site, "in some cases, retail managers take direct responsibility for the profitability of the store by ensuring that the outlet achieves its target number of sales".