My Life of Dysfunction

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My name is Kristi; I am 33 years old and residing in Holiday, Fl. I was born and raised in Odessa, Fl. to a single mother and 3 older brothers. I do not recall much of my childhood except that of chaos and distress. I know growing up I always felt very alone and sad. By the age of 13 I seemed to turn the other cheek from abuse, neglect, and abandonment to an angry, abusive, now self medicating teenager.

I left home when I was 13 (running away for 2 years and coming back running away and coming back) during these times I had used anything I could to change the way I felt. By the age of 16 I was in and out of Juvenile detention for running away and truancy and placed in a foster home. Although I was still very angry I commenced to do things that were suggested (school, work, etc.).

When I was 18 I reached adult hood and had no real clue how to live or be responsible. I turned to the streets and did what most young girls on the street do, after being introduced to crack cocaine. I had my first child in my addiction and continued to live the life of self destruction (with no intentions of doing so), but simply had a monkey on my back that convinced me I was no better. By this time I was in and out of jails and institutions for different drug related offenses and still unable, unwilling, and too hopeless to break the cycle. So life as a con and drug addict continued for me until I was 25 yrs old. I did manage to get a certification for cosmetology and was now able to do hair for a living, outside of...