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It's the same thing every night. My people get ready for bed, the old yellow cat goes outside, the old gray cat settles down in her chair in the dining room, and I am exiled to this dreadful, dark wash room. I know they know I don't like it in here. My meows of protest should tell them that. This is no way to treat a sweet and innocent cat like me.

My name is Oreo, like the cookie. I am the youngest of a three cat, one dog household. Oh, and four people live with us also. I couldn't understand why my people chose to call me Oreo until I actually saw an Oreo Cookie. My stomach is white, my back is black and the two colors meet on my face. My yellowish-green eyes, along with my long, white whiskers really set off my adorable face.

I adopted my people about nine months ago.

My only other sibling fell in the big hole of water in the back yard and drowned. I believe my people call it a pool. Anyway, my mom was so understandably upset over this that she got depressed and stopped feeding me. It became obvious that I had to find some other source of food. Thus I decided to enlarge my family and adopted my people. They did almost as good as my mom, feeding me warm milk every couple of hours, cleaning me up when I made a mess in my litter pan, and playing with me for hours.

Here lately they have given me another name, "Devil Cat." I don;t understand this name at all. There seem to be only certain times when they call me this, like when I play with the old gray cat. I creep up behind her, being ever so quite so as not to wake her until just the right moment, then i pounce. She acts like she doesn't like it, but it's just part of the game. Don't my people see that? And then there are times when I'm playing with my people. We will be having a perfectly good time and I get in a particularly good bite and out comes the new name and in the wash room i go. Sometimes I will just be playing on my own and i will get called the new name. Take this morning for example. I'm minding my own business playing in the kitchen with the bag of napkins that my people left under the counter for me. I had them all spread out on the floor where I could jump from one to the other whem mom walks in. Well, before I could say "thanks for the napkins" she scoops me up, puts me in the now very familiar wash room and as the door is closing I hear something about "devil cat." To me if anyone should be called a devil it's the dog that lives in the backyard. She came to live with my people about the same time I did. She was tolerable when she was little. I had no problem keeping her in line and there was no doubt who was in charge: me. Now it's a different story. You know those times when you just need time to yourself? You know, you need your space? These are the times when I like to go outside. But it never fails; the second i step foot out the back door, here comes the dog. First, i get several large, wet licks. Then my head goes in her mouth. She doesn't realize that i am perfectly capable of giving myself a bath.

One of my favorite parts of the day is when it's time to eat. I do this several times a day because my appetit is as big as a hungr lion. The other two cats are as slow as turtles eating and have no fun doing it. I, on the other hand, have my own unique way of eating. I like to use my paws and scoop out the food one piece at a time. I even like to slide it all over the floor, like a puck on ice. Sometimes i put the food in the water dish. My people hate when I do this because i splash water all over the floor trying to get it out. I know they get mad at me, but it is so much fun! Another fun time of the day is when the old yellow cat is in the mood to play. We wrestle and tumble all over the floor. But when he has had enough he lets me know with an angry growl and a swipe of his paw.

Well, it is bedtime and here they come; into the wash room I go. I really hate it in here. Humm... I wonder what I can do to get even with them for putting me in this room. Maybe tomorrow i will shred up the newspaper on the floor or chase the old gray cat aroung the house. Oh well, my eyes are getting heavy, so I guess i will just sleep on it.