My Life Line

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When it seems as though all life does is want to get you down, you always realize things can always be worse. This wasn’t one of those situations. I felt like the most evil person known to man and there was no one to stop that feeling until the woman I lived with came along and had a little talk with me. All my life she’s pushed herself to bring me my very own life lines.

She was such a magnificent woman. All creatures seemed to sense her kind and courteousness and the sun always seemed to have a special ray just for her. She was petite, but her strength made her seem as though she were ten feet tall, and the way she wore her clothes always seemed to tell just a smidge about her personality, well dressed or casual. She was everyone’s answer to a life of laughter and fun.

Her skin was a golden tan that reminded you of sweet, luscious caramel. Her hair was as curly and smooth as noodles just being lifted out of steaming water. You would think to have run your fingers through her hair, but would stop just before, for you wouldn’t want to ruin the beauty it brought to the naked eye. She was the subject of everything everyone wanted to be, but she never let that come across her path. She always remained humble and kind.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen this delightful woman frown for no reason being. She always seemed to happy and enjoying anything you set in front of her. Her smile was often wide and consistent, always giving the impression of being tranquil. Her smile always appeared to be effortless, as if nothing terrible can ever happen. Her face was always perfect with every motion...