My life's changes

Essay by hpbrasileirahp September 2006

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Here I am... surrounded by my boxes. Again! As I am almost ready to go. I just can't believe I'm doing this. Am I scared? Hell, yes I'm scared! I tried this before and failed. It is nice living by myself... A little lonely at times but I've basically been by myself for approx. a year and half. It is nice not having to cook, clean, or even do laundry if I don't want to. It is nice to do what I want...when I I want. Although I am moving in with someone again...but this time in our own home and it will just be us. But yes, I'm still scared. I envy the peaceful and happy life we can have, but I also envy clashing personalities at times. I know NO ONE in this world is happy 100% of the time or in agreement 100% of the time.

There is NO perfect relationship as there are flaws in all.

I do hope though that WE (he and I) will grow together and be happy. Since I will have my own library... It should all be good. He will have his HUGE garage and I will have my quiet library. I think it will all be good.

As I've packed for what seems like forever... I've realized that along with this move... I am experiencing many many changes all at the same time. WOW... I'm a little overwhelmed. I am strong and I am a survivor... I will handle all these changes as they come one by one. God does not give me more than he knows I can handle. Although life changes as we go by. It's true and it's hard at times. It kills but it heals too. I am just trying to expect the best...