My Life Story.

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"If personal relationships and environmental settings were the only things to modify behavioral patterns, then there would be a world full of perfect people."

Everyone told me I have the so called "perfect life", and I never thought I did. People would tell me how pretty I was and how much my parents loved and spoiled me. I always wanted more for some reason. Although my parents bought me a lot of material things and showed love and affection, it never seemed to satisfy something inside of me. I never felt adequate to the other children at school.

Then in seventh grade, when I went to O. T. Bonner Middle school, I was forced into being a person I knew nothing about. It wasn't me, it was all wrong; I skipped P. E. with some of my friends for three or more months. I still made descent grades so I thought everything was fine.

I needed to think again.

Then I decided to go back to Bonner for eighth grade, which was the worst mistake I could have ever made. I was tortured by many of the students in my class and others who didn't even know me. I had no idea what was happening and why it was happening to me. I had a few friends but they couldn't help. I felt all alone in a room of thirty.

I became severely depressed and attempted suicide three times, having to be taken to the hospital twice. Then my mother decided to home school me, so I had the chance to reclaim my life. That was the best decision she ever made and I'm so thankful she did. I finished my eighth grade year with honors and continued with my ninth grade year. I later found out that my seventh...