My Literacy Experience

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My Literacy experience.

Seemingly, even before I was born I was caught up in reading. The tales of my prenatal days were recounted to me in my early years whenever I was found inside with my nose stuck in a book while my siblings played outside. My mother was an avid reader and while pregnant with me would lay on the floor reading novels all night and killing red ants as they trailed by, accumulating them in a pile to behold the next morning.

I was raised the youngest of 4 children, living with a basic school teacher for a mother and a taxi operator for a father; both of whom placed a high value on education. As is common in most families, the older members take to telling tales from the past to the younger members. I was always told of my obsession with phonics before I was one.

I was known as the baby saying the "M" words. Words common to me were "monkey, mango, money, mother and milk", words I had seemingly picked up one night from my mother's preparation for her lessons the next day. She had been calling out the words as she wrote them to amuse me while she worked. Those "M" words seemed to have stuck with me throughout most of my toddler days as I was known to randomly chant them out to anyone who would give a listening ear. My obsession for words continued to grow as my father often said to me whenever I got frustrated about school; "you used to stand by the window in the morning crying to be taken to school and would wait at the door in the evenings to ask your sister what words she had learnt that day, you haven't changed have you?". My...