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Assignment SE v notes

item 1:

in this source there are several factors that contribute to the decrease of the reliability of the is source. The main one is that the article is not recent it is from the 20th of august 2007. there fore it is not reliable and the comments wont be earthier. But an interesting one is that manfred E. Kober was a doctor religion because they are normally one sided on any issue. Another 2 that contributes to the decrease is there is no author for the actual article and there were no source found that this comment came from. it could be anyone writing for the fun of it. last but not least, in my research it says dinosures became instinct 65 million years ago but in the source it says 2;5 million years ago. therefore the facts are incorrect and with out the correct facts then the source is not reliable.

also in the source it says "overlapping human footprints with dinosaurs footprints in texas and other areas of the world was found". This is not 100% confirmed because in my research it said the modern man didn't appear on the scene until 200,000 years ago and others say 100,000 years ago. there fore this comment on 'did humans and dinosaurs co-exist' is not reliable for all the reasons are mentioned.

item 2:

referring to the information presented during class There were scientists shown. on the powerpoint it showed both of their viewpoints in the early scientific theories regards to evolution. These scientists, Charles Darwin and Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck believed their own viewpoint of evolution was right so they tried to prove it.

Firstly Lamarck believed in the 'law of use and disuse'. which is about if an organ in a specie is used...