My Love

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I kissed her on the cheek, sparkly bubbles exploding in my head.

She pretended to bush and held her pearled lace fan up to her face.

We sat on the rocy canyons overlooking the glittery blur ocean, a big picnic basket sat in front of us.

I was wealthier than my friend so i brought the majority of the food.

We laid out a big woven blanket and spread out the contents. I brought out goat cheese, pomegranate seeds, greek yogurt mixed with fruit, date cookies and nuts.

My friend laid out some toasted bread, sweet cheese and dark green pickles.

Lastly i corked open a bottle of rose chapagne, welaughed at the cork, flying in to the sky and disspearing.

I poured her some champagne in her cup and mine, both a bit overflown with liquer, we toasted to the spirits of the night and drank up our bubbly pink concoctionsWe pointed at the sea and pretended we saw mermaods pn the cove, ''see!? see!? i see shiny blonde hair drifting in the tides!'', ''no! i see scales and pearls ahead!''We ate our food and washed in down with the liquer so our breaths smelled sweet and sharp.

Perhaps it was instinct or nighttime magic but we rose up and ran to the coves.

I am not graceful and the liquer made me tipsy so i fell a few times, but my friend always held my handOnce we reached the cove we shed our coats and in all our glory and silky slips we danced on the oceans edge.

Bubbles sifting in our hair, twirling like sea marionettes.

I saw my friend weaving into the sea. I turned and i swear for a minute it was as if she was only an anomaly in the wide vast ocean.

But In a matter of seconds she turned back to flesh and blood we we continued on our nighttime sea dance.