My Memorable Event: My Shadow And God

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My Memorable Event: My shadow and God Introduction: - What is human life? Everybody has some memorable events in life; some are good and Some are bad.

What is the relationship with human and God? I believe in God because of some experience.

My first experience: - Departed to meet the girl but don't know how, when, or where? Some buddy helped get information she is coming next day some place Some time.

No choice but to take an older person.

Crying and asking for help; I feel so happy to see her.

My second experience: - Came down with a case of typhoid during summer vacation Doctor gave me some medication but it did not help to reduce fever Stayed in bed; could only drink liquids and no regular food Feel bad about this; uncle's daughter came from village She knew something about it, and put a necklace around my neck.

I cried and asked for help and the fever was gone by the next day Last experience: - My dad had been involved in a very big accident.

Doctor indicated if not out of his coma in 72 hours, he would die.

Mother became emotional and eyes were full of tears, and so were mine.

Again remembered God and asked for help. Father came out from coma.

Feel so happy to see him recovered.

Conclusion: - I trust god and feel he is around me every time when I need him.

" God is life and God is great " Ashish Parekh 10/12/01 My Memorable Event: My shadow and God What is life for a human? That's a big question for everyone. Some live their whole lives like a puzzle; nobody knows what's going to happen and how they will survive in some circumstances. Sometimes it's easy to solve the problems, other times it's harder then ever. Lots of things happen when we pass through life. There...