My Multiple Foms Of Intelligence

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Intelligence comes in many different forms. Every person has their own form of intelligence. Some people are more "book smart", while some are "street smart." This is one of the advantages to working in teams. Every person who looks at a problem, looks at in a different way, and analyzes it using different methods and forms of intelligence. For me, two forms of intelligence that standout are my logical, and my mechanical intelligence.

I have a certain logical, mathematical intelligence. I use this form of intelligence quite often. It shows itself in my problem solving skills. The problems that I solve vary greatly in type and in how they are presented. Some are as straightforward as my calculus homework, while others are more intertwined in my everyday life. Just a few weeks ago, I had to use these skills to find my way home. I had gone to downtown Rochester to go couch shopping with a couple of my floor mates.

On the way home we realized we were not going the right direction, that my friend had led us the wrong way. If I ever wanted to get home, I figured I had better work the situation out logically. I tried to get an idea of where we were by first figuring out my cardinal directions, with the help of the sunset and a few street signs. Then I thought to myself which streets we had crossed and which ones we had not. It was not to long before we were back on track. My logical, systematic intelligence helped me out of the situation. It also probably why I chose the major I did, Industrial and Systems Engineering.

I also pride myself in my mechanical, kinesthetic intelligence. Although I am not very good in sports, I do have a...