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Elaine Moore

Mrs. Guerra

English Literature III AP 2nd Pd


My Name

In Greek, it means sunrays. In French it means bright shining light. In old English it derives to little lily. It is a forgotten sock in the laundry basket. It is my mother's humming on a Sunday afternoon. It is the racing raindrops eagerly zooming down a window.

It is my grandmother's name and now it has become mine as well. My grandmother was a strong young girl when she came to America. She arrived with six siblings and two immigrant parents. But once entering the states, only two of her siblings were left. She never really had many opportunities because she grew up alone. But like a young sapling, all she needed was water and light, and she managed to keep on going.

She eventually met a man who, at first was hard to his core, but softened over time because she shed her light on him.

Papaw. I never knew him. My grandfather was a strict and hard man to please. But my grandmother could truly see that he was really sensitive and insecure. My grandmother can see within you, who you really were, and reach for that hidden individual.

Growing up, I knew not of the true essence of my name. Elaine. I hated the sound of my name, I wanted a name that everyone else had. Elaine. A name that didn't sound so old timey-this antique name was for the insightful or a wiser soul, not deserving of my stature. I prayed for a name that would suit me, though I was unable to really identify who I was to myself. A name that people could spell the first time without missing a letter. Elaine. I used to hate how...