My opinion of Kotka, a small town in Finland. This is where I live.

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I live in a town called Kotka. Kotka is located in south-east Finland on the Gulf of Finland.

The town was founded in 1878 and the population is now about 56 000. There are so many things that are good about Kotka. We have the biggest export port in Finland, the imperial fishing-logde in Langinkoski and there are so many sport facilities here that you can almost do any sport you want.

To live in Kotka as a teenager isn't that bad. There are a lot of different activities, e.g. you can play football in KTP, the team with maybe the most fanatic audience in Veikkausliiga(the national soccer league). I have myself played for their youth-team and you can develop your skills. The adult team is very keen on taking new rising stars into their team and therefore Kotka is the town of opportunities for a young soccer player. Enough of soccer!

If you aren't interested in sports, there is still a whole lot that you can do.

Kotka has its own club for those who are interested in live role games. I don't really know anything else about that matter because I'm not interested in that kind of activities, but I ought that it's good that we have one.

If you are a teenager without any hobbies there are still two cinemas, one theatre and lots of other places to hang around at. Don't worry if you're not keen on sports, you will find something else to do.

In my opinion Kotka has only one bad thing for the teenagers. It's a growing drug problem. It wasn't such a bad problem 10 years ago, but nowadays almost everyone knows someone who uses drugs. It sounds quite bad, but we're a pretty little town, so the number of drug addicts...