My Opinion On The New Hanover County Board Of Education's Health Division

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My opinion on the New Hanover County Board of Education's Health Division I believe that the Board of Education has no clue about teen health and curiousty. Last week they had a conference on whether to accept a $100,000,000 donation towards a wellness center at New Hanover High School that would be run by W.H.A.T. The results of the votes were 3 to 4 with opposing the appraisal coming out on top. Head of the board, Ed Higgins along with three other colleagues, denied the donation while many teens, parents, W.H.A.T. workers, and Steve Bilzi were appalled by the rejection.

I think that it is good for adolescence to be curious about their sexuality. They should have some place to go and ask about it and still feel comfortable. So, openning a wellness center at New Hanover High is a well thought out idea. But, then there is the thought that only " black " kids are the only ones that have sex and the " white " kids don't and have no clue about sex.

Nurse Practioner Edith D'Aquilla-Lloyd attended the meeting and thought that the board was being a bit " prejudice ". She said that Higgins thinks that it's ok for them to have one at Lakeside High School because all the kids there are " black " and/or lower class kids. They won't even open one at our school for the same reasons that they won't open one at New Hanover. But, if they won't open a wellness center anywhere other than Lakeside, then what is the point of having W.H.A.T. around? W.H.A.T. has kids come in everyday that are from various schools. So, if kids are coming to W.H.A.T. for help, why can't they just open a center in each school. The thing that really gets to me and many others is the fact that the Board of Education turned down a $100,000,000 donation for the operation to succeed. One that is free money and two that money is going towards a good cause. Our ( meaning teens around New Hanover County ) health and knowledge about sexuality is what's being lost.

In conclusion I believe that the board should reconsider the offer. Also, stop being prejudice by thinking that only " black " teens have sex. And to keep in mind that the centers are to our, the kids , benefits.